(Photographs not listed are from my own personal collection.)

Images from The Chicago Cubs “Home” section:

Masthead photograph of Wrigley Field. “Wrigley Field 400 Foot Sign.jpg.” Wikimedia Commons section of Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. 2 September 2006.  <>.  Author is Flickr user jimcchou/.   3 February 2012.  David Bales created masthead from this photograph.

Photograph of Wrigley Field. Ron Vesely/Getty Images, from article “Wrigley Field Prepares to be Y2K + 14 Compliant.” 19 January 2010. <>. 4 April 2013.

Image from Ballparks section:

Postcard of West Side Grounds.  Bennett, Byron. “Chicago’s West Side Grounds–Where the Cubs Last Won the World Series.” Deadball Baseball: Baseball Outside the Time and Space Continuum. <>.  27 December 2018.

Photograph of Weeghman Park.  “History of Wrigley Field.”  Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. 22 September 2018. <>.  29 December 2018.

Images from Stories: The Shootings of Billy Jurges and Eddie Waitkus section:

Two photographs of Billy Jurges.  “Billy Jurges” link on the “Teammates” page of Philip A. Waite, The Woody English Web Site. <>. 14 March 2013.

Photograph of Hotel Carlos.  Sosin, Kate. “Hundreds to Be Displaced as Lakeview Hotels Close.”  Windy City Times. 10 August 2011. <>. 18 September 2014.

Photograph of Violet Popovich standing with her two attorneys.  Courtesy of Bill Hageman.

Photograph of Violet Popovich’s tombstone is by Carolyn (Schmidt) Alves and is from Popovich’s entry at

Most of the Eddie Waitkus / Ruth Steinhagen photos are from my personal collection or the Chicago Tribune archives.  “Femme Fatale Ruth Ann Steinhagen Dies.”  Chicago Tribune. 13 March 2013. <>. 16 March 2013.  Three others include:

Photograph of Ruth Steinhagen writing at a table.  “Would-be Assassin Who Shot Baseball Star and inspired The Natural Dies, Age 83, After Living the Rest of her Life in Obscurity.” United Kingdom Daily Mail. 17 March 2013. <>. 18 March 2013.

Photograph of Eddie Waitkus in the hospital.  Don Babwin, “Obsessed Fan Who Shot Player, Inspired Movie, Dies.” (Bridgeport) Connecticut Post. 17 March 2013. <>. 18 March 2013.

Photograph of Eddie Waitkus during “Eddie Waitkus Night.” Don Babwin,  “Obsessed Fan Who Shot Player, Inspired Movie, Dies.”  Yahoo! Sports.  17 March 2013. <–mlb.html>. 18 March 2013.  See also photo gallery at <>.

Images from Violet Popovich Photos section:

Poster of Earl Carroll’s Vanities. Tom Buchanan, “‘America’s Greatest Revue.'”  21 May 2010.  <>. 20 September 2013.

Images from 1869-1899: Early Years section:

Image of 1870 team. John Thorn, “Baseball’s First Professional Contracts.” Our Game. 27 June 2012.  <>. 14 March 2014.

Image of 1871 team.  John Thorn, “Professional Baseball’s First Championship.” Our Game.  29 October 2011. <>. 14 March 2014.  See also “1871 Chicago White Stockings J. A. Pierce & Co. Advertising Trade Card.” Robert Edward Auctions. <>. 14 March 2014.

Image of White Stockings after the Chicago Fire.  “1871 Chicago White Stockings Baseball Postcard Printed in 1910.” <>.  22 June 2014.

Image of William Hulbert. Michael Haupert, “William Hulbert.” SABR Baseball Biography Project.  Society for American Baseball Research. <>. 14 March 2014.

Images from 1869-1899: First Championship section:

“The White Stockings, Chicago, 1876” lithograph. “West Side Grounds.” WTTW. Original lithograph from the collection of the Chicago History Museum. <>. 14 July 2014.

Images from 1869-1899: Defeats & Disappointment section:

Photograph of Ross Barnes. “Ross Barnes.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. 25 December 2018. <>.  1 January 2019.

Photograph of Bob Ferguson.  “Bob Ferguson (Infielder).”  Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. 20 April 2018. <>.  6 January 2019.

Photograph of Adrian Anson.  Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, LC-DIG-bbc-0002f.

Photograph of Ned Williamson.  Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division,  LC-DIG-bbc-0163f.

Photograph of Frank Sylvester “Silver” Flint.  Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division,  LC-DIG-bbc-0125f.

Images from 1900-1909: Almost a Dynasty section:

Image of Frank Chance and Coca-Cola advertisement is from the Chicago Tribune.  The cartoon and the image of Franklin P. Adams’s poem are from the New York Evening Mail.  The three baseball cards of Joe Tinker, Johnny Evers, and Frank Chance are from my own collection.

Postcard of West Side Ball Grounds.  Classic National League Ballpark Postcards. <>. 2 March 2013.

Images from 1910-1939: Weeghman & Wrigley section:

Time magazine cover of William Wrigley. “William Wrigley, Jr.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. 24 February 2011. <,_Jr.>. 23 March 2013.

Photograph of James A. Gilmore and Charles Weeghman. Library of Congress, the George Grantham Bain Collection. <>. 23 March 2013.

George Wittbold landscaping advertisement originally appeared in the Chicago Record Herald.  I obtained it through the courtesy of Wrigley Field author Raymond Kush.

Photograph of Charles Weeghman at groundbreaking ceremony. “Charles Weeghman.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. 29 December 2012. <>. 23 March 2013.  See also the Library of Congress’s American Memory page: <>.

Images from 1910-1939: Wrigley, Jr. & Veeck, Sr. section:

Photograph of Wrigley mansion.  “William Wrigley, Jr.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. 7 March 2013. <,_Jr.>. 23 March 2013.

Photograph of Charles Comiskey and William Veeck. “The Early Years.”  University of Massachusetts. <>. 23 March 2013.  See also the Library of Congress’s American Memory page: <,gottsch>.

Photograph of William Veeck and Margaret Donahue courtesy of the Margaret Donahue Family.

“Spearman” advertisement from the Saturday Evening Post, January / February 2016. <>. 8 February 2016.

Images from 1910-1939: 1932 World Series section:

Photograph of Babe Ruth at bat. “Babe Ruth’s Called Shot.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. 14 March 2013. <>. 26 March 2013 .

Photograph of Charlie Root courtesy of Al Yellon.  “The Top 100 Cubs of all Time – #14 Charlie Root.”  Bleed Cubbie Blue.  5 February 2007. <>. 26 March 2013.

Images from 1910-1939: 1935 September Streak section:

Photograph of the Chicago Cubs as National League pennant winners. Flickr.  19 April 2010. <>. 30 March 2013.

Photograph of Gabby Hartnett and Billy Herman. <>. 30 March 2013.

Images from 1910-1939: The Homer in the Gloamin’ section:

Photographs of Gabby Hartnett courtesy of Al Yellon.  “The Top 100 Cubs of all Time – #6 Gabby Hartnett.”  Bleed Cubbie Blue. 13 February 2007. <>. 28 March 2013.

Images from 1940-1969: A So-Called Curse section:

Photograph of William Sianis and his goat.  “On This Day in Sports: Billy Sianis Puts the ‘Curse of the Billy Goat’ on the Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field.”  730 Fox Sports: Memphis’ Sports Station. 6 October 2010. <>. 3 March 2013.

Photograph of Billy Goat Tavern.  Bruce Bilmes and Susan Boyle, “They Do Things They Don’t Do on Broadway: Part 5.” 9 November 2011. <>. 3 March 2013.

Photograph of Phil Cavarretta. “July 19.” Baseball Birthdays. < 30 January 2012.

Images from 1940-1969: The Post Cubs Cover section:

Two photographs of Charlie Grimm.  “Charlie Grimm” link on the “Teammates” page of Philip A. Waite, The Woody English Web Site.  <>. 4 March 2013.

Image from 1940-1969: “The Rifleman” (As a Cub) section:

Gravestone.  “Chuck Connors.”  Find a Grave. 1 January 2001. <>. 5 March 2013.  For a fine biography of Connors see Bevis, Charlie.  “Chuck Connors.”  SABR Baseball Biography Project, Society for American Baseball Research. <>. 5 March 2013.

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